What does the central system stand for in Database Implementation?

The central system always monitors everything that happens if the transaction happens to the system right in any branch we can get the log files and check what has happened but in any way your items have to be loaded with money it is the duty of the bank branch right it cannot be done from the main server because the cash has to be physically loaded right, therefore, that part is not possible with the banking example anyhow one another thing is if something fails you can continue with the others you can manage you can tolerate and the other system fails the failure of one branch whatever you can continue uh the system and transaction for typical example you might have the experience when we go for a particular band branch and try to withdraw money from an ATM sometimes ATM does not work it displays it is under service so whatever it is please utilize the ATM in the next bank branch right.

So sometimes the security personnel would stick some bills saying please visit the other bank branch and do the transactions that it shows even if one fails you can continue your what is the services with existing one it is one of the things important regarding distributed system operates in a distributed manner then what other disadvantages if you pick some disadvantages so you have to have many infrastructures if you take the same example if one branch ATM does not work you should have AGM another branch as well otherwise you can’t go there and do the transactions if you take that scenario to do the transactions’ island by you should have all the branches equipped with ATMs previously they had only ATMs, but now the trend is you should have deposit machines as well, but there are advantages as well as disadvantages then doing that you can minimize the deposit machines care of many of the deposits.

The people can go to the bank and do there that reduce the number of queues available in the banks otherwise to maintain the services they have operating manually or we had many queues in the bank, but now the queues are uh actually shifted to withdraw deposit machines you can see certain hours in the day the deposit machines are fully equipped by the people especially this horseman uh almost always going to deposit machines and do their deposits you can see these things your real world if you uh mindful enough and when you travel from one place to one place you may see different these type of things all over here and there and then you what you have to do is you have to think in terms of ID how the ID is being applied to this thing right to make them possible many of the IP services are being run without it you are not possible to do many things what we do today okay then the central pages would be when we need many infrastructures.

You will have to pay for them and you have to maintain them just compared to centralized systems is a bit difficult and you have to always maintain them up and running anyway you can find many more answers when you travel mindfully in your day-to-day life and it’s better for you to be aware of these things and how it is being applied in our day-to-day life now we go for the centralized database systems with centralized database system which is almost very simple in architecture you have single content and one place to keep data and the logs when we write concurrently we have to maintain locks I think you might be familiar with the blocks in previous semesters anyhow when you do several transactions concurrently belly uh and the other thing if uh processor failure then the system fails that is the one of the disadvantage SQL centralized database system now we uh look into distributed database systems in the previous case.

We have single content and you have multiple processors and you can have dedicated memories as well and you have the heterogeneous the components can operate as a single unit now carefully look at the points I have mentioned that you can quickly discuss this is my actually really distributed databases now I think you are the example you are doing queries regarding one database as I thought you have experience with Microsoft SQL but for sure you might have issued from SQL to a particular single database right if you should query in a distributed database then query has to be handled by the system then the data can be retrieved from different databases right you do not know what database is going to reply for your code so as this uh slide shows the distributor database normally provides the advantages of distributed computing to the database management domain that is why I told you when you issue a query to a particular centralized database.

You know you are retrieving data from that particular database, but your database is distributed for several let’s say in several locations then actually how can you assure the data what you got this correct how you assure that you can get the answer, not like a single centralized database the answer for the query can be retrieved from many locations but you do not feel that it is taken from many locations now if you take uh can you give me an example of franchising now you forget about the SQL and do you have any experience regarding the querying of some information query means you just tell the system and uh you get the required answer from the system right typical one example would be the searching right so can you give me one example saying factor query so don’t you have any idea so how do you normally get the information to the internet don’t you use any internet to get information if you do not know.

Let’s say how do you get the better forecast or any news updates first what you don’t you search on the internet using your search engine don’t you have a bunch of experience and you do the search with your natural language so it gives you some results do you know exactly from their pixel information with sir then what you do is your search in the Google and you do not know where the information comes from you do not know about the database system they are many because here are the transparencies it is in many levels you always feel as it is in your location right you do not want to think of they are the servers databases and other related infrastructure is located you just search in the Google and it’s using the results it is they are due to collect all the information from their servers and produce you with the results right now think how fast it is happening right.

And how it is available normally we do not normally say the Google is not available it is always almost available to do our uh day-to-day activities and we are relying on that if you take that example for you to get the basic idea of the importance of this type of distributed system and the other thing is it is uh easier for us to expand.

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