What are the different ways to run a Python project?

These are the three different ways for another Python all right then I will show all the processes so in my system my instant pattern 2.7 the final group points when you go for the local disk C we open this you see here remember Python hose doesn’t act just open the pipe and go seven, so this is an ideally some ideal is open so just like a + ADA so here once you open the local specify phone book for them here – is there a simply Cantonese or once on one Scylla this one here will get the Python window for this team solo mid us to see so Python to seven it is five and five you cannot matter so just this is the testing purpose already this Python EXE file so just this is one robot SP powers but HT purpose just communicating figure so great of freaking America this is my cat on board alright then click on enter button like the open loop engine I can go like otherwise a then me what you can’t see equal to water a plus B simply can do our thing to see like in the CBA right like.

So this is a first to be hit to run the Python border to run them by thumping by you fight them EXE fine right that’s set up and a second way to run the Python photo it’s a fast way to go the second way to run the Python one so in your system can easily see on the editor save done so Matt is not supporting A+ rated only window second story in the center so once you need to press them will get the sparkle is a symbol actually both simple yeah so one thing so here this is a b-plus Bank once initially it less often so if you only came down any less often so generally first five six classes we are doing practical Spacey a class one hitch that’s like that simply can group of the boo Yong so here’s we can later Hitler says that it is done simply go before the illness down free time question so can be is down the free trial version here download up she’s then it went on her directly will the content be down with the stories windows download 1.9 5 MB 64-bit offers a squeeze 2.1 effect.

So you simply click on this one will get a download it after downloading the free tonics clicks next finish button it will be nice all right so he stays is very easy I hope you know the pointer p.m. that’s every so often is turning the 80 plus we get the book simple actually once it is too late plus you’ll get a packet is trial version I get a less diverse let me give the order rate plus key that will be the permanent version actual garage that’s like you have simply can open software this is a real plus like simply write later so here this one did you say the plus key okay is past the video you can please take the key you Williams is the soft key is on key right okay so can this time this key that way the permit version right that’s at a yeah so must approach you know so by the DXF and horribly that will be open right the second level simply open if the software you need it the software will the file minim put a new operator either both I mean a new operator simply here you can break jaw right.

So far we’re sorry we will say we paralyze our but you want to language Python right simply here by that is a mountain so they can go for others for the Python right simply click on Python become Python they can poke it then Python window will be opened by the window will be open right that’s it simply here as you know Python commands item single increments first of the hash this is water so in Python to invite a new to build it Elena simply came over the pin Tom let me write f my token the world that’s an order you know but if you know Python 3 so here rather go stable to what I can rewrite if you take the Python 3 if I translate it into the beta so here if I come to braces are optional you can write F inverse effect but in my 23 to into they turn based on magnetic faces take this for Rita this is like that’s it clearance over the quantum in Python new to hang the database optional.

But if I tell you to write the radium Vista handshake didn’t that’s it up off tonight in the phone can please know this obligation to say this obligation file may not say the CLIP so in front of you drawn visit app can please take your laptop and this back to the practical side otherwise any can please take the pin and prototype get the cavity comes on a becomes due to the practicals that feeling is very easy maybe what that feeling is very, very important I see I go to the rock-based practice once with the practicals in our sad sectional is a different action which is a second way to random pattern alright but let me show this one yeah how could say will the 5-min sale just to say oh good on it good so you obviously II I would like to say this fine young on my fighting here faster data first order by section should be financially that should first part the UI pirate that’s it I want this for reaction to run this board.

Simply open the command prompt open them come back another experiment location local is you see right, but ladies were sample here locally see light simply go over the locals a safari in the evening file is there but the finally here first require simply can take the Python to come python vilified it you alright that’ll go over the order form it is the latest opinion two times because we’re finding python to assume Python 3 Sent why you’re bringing the data in Python 203 is the only difference in Python to some tension with office or something with fair ancestor so but you must also carry it okay right on Luisa bracket an optional invited are Cubans Carranza for the mandatory you guys have a crappy right that’s it this is a second me to run the Python water yeah so open it in trust and application save it somewhere a meantime I’ll an item of pyrite that’s at that let me close the second approach also.

That’s as I put a collar Christian approach was a small across you and has to be another four approaches, so one approach simply kills can take a Python once you take the Python it with a pipe in winter so here which was my music in Python 2 points on point one four ones.

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