How can you check the efficiency of any network administration?

Today there are new types of computer casings you know gaming pcs uh or there are some uh casings which are toolless you call it right toolless casings which you don’t have to use those nails to mount the hard disk you can just use some clips and then mount to the casing right so it’s so that technology was there in the servers a long time ago but now it’s coming to uh the normal computer casings as well but they are expensive right if you buy a normal casing um less than like say 10 000 right yeah the 10 in 10 000 range you get a normal casing which you know it’s very difficult to remove hard disks uh quickly right you have to remove the casing and so on here you can you know just uh pull some lever here and then pull it outright and then you can install a new hard disk and you don’t have to turn off right that’s the best thing here you don’t have to turn off this device so online you can plug out and plug in again right.

So that is there for efficiency right as I said you cannot turn off servers and you cannot turn off hard disks right because when you are working you have to keep them working right so I will explain so now uh even if one hard disk goes out there’s a thing called raid right technology, yeah you can duplicate right so one hard disk going down does not destroy your data right so you can maybe have uh let’s say these two right, uh you can have these two as a red one that is mirroring called mirroring uh so what whatever data is in one hard disk is copied to the other or mirrored to the other disk so if one goes down we have all the data in the other disk, so this is this hap mirroring happens uh underneath right that is you don’t have to manually do anything or you know use any software or anything right it’s done directly by the hardware, so raid support is definitely there in the servers but not usually in your computers right.

So the server motherboards they support this red technology you can maybe install a separate red card or things like that right, so that is a bit about the servers so this even this you can see, uh there is some kind of casing right, so this is also a rack mountable right it can be installed in the rack and when you want you can you know pull it out and it’s very easy right okay this is another server right these are dell servers right yes this is also del SUR it’s power edge uh I think r550 or something right uh so here also yeah it’s this picture is much clearer than previous one so here on the two sides uh are the locks you can see this uh this bottom part right when you uh push into the server rack it will lock to the server app right yeah you you cannot just pull it so you have to release this lock to take out the server right so you don’t usually need to take out the server unless for maintenance purpose right so what you see here are uh eight disks right.

So can you see now there’s a light to every one of these disks right so those change in color when the this go bad right so it will indicate so when you uh just have a look in the front you can identify uh which hard disks are good and which are not good right and then you can replace, so usually there is some kind of button or lever here which you can you know push or pull or and to remove right so you should never remove a hard disk uh when it is working I mean what I mean is a working hard disk right so if if for some reason it stops working then you can pull it out uh no issue but otherwise you should never pull out a hard disk right the reason is now if you are using this red technology uh so they are these all these this should be in working condition right you cannot pull it out when they are working then then it will become corrupted right so if you want to remove then you have to power down the server and remove right otherwise you should not remove them when they are online right.

And then if you are using this what I call this red technology right uh so let’s say you power down and remove this disk right now there is an order here of the disks right so if you change if you pull out let’s say all the disks and then when you put in you uh don’t put it to the proper order then also there will be a problem right it will become corrupted so you have to be very careful when you are using this red technology so you can see normally in servers, uh you get a VGA port in the front right, uh it might not be there in every server but uh you usually you get and usually two us ports two or one right and these uh CD-ROM devices or DVD ROMs uh you get like the laptop uh ones right because uh these servers need to be you know the size needs to be uh very small right a certain standard size right so you can’t put the normal you know desktop CD-ROM here then it will take up more space right.

So now there is an okay this is a 2u yeah I think this is a to your server so um one new to you so like that I think this is also to you uh so so the height um there’s a certain standard when we come to server racks right uh we have one u two u three u for you like that right so the bigger the height the number of the uh you are more right so one new uh is a standard switch, okay so this uh yeah this is a server room with a lot of racks okay uh it says here server rack versus network rack, so that is uh okay usually um difference means actually a rack is uh it’s a wreck right um so you can see it’s all almost the same right so each of these cabinets network cabinets is server racks.

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