How can you activate minimize maximize through visual programming?

You can see it is connected now you can activate minimize ok this is the way you can set that Ctrl + Ctrl knots control box property determined whether the control box had P on the title bar max way box property enable or disable that is an excellent or Mr. button then you can change for that state because there’s a true or false like they are stained the maximized or minimized box state is true or false if you true is enable if you fall is the disabled minimize box enable or disable okay the minimize button all of this property store value true or false ok now you come with a label control okay you want to display their output only then we can use for the table condom use to identify the other condition and a phone or display output then the user cannot enter the text in a table ok this only output is the unknown you cannot enjoy pain with him, but this is not good Thanks only output.

User cannot enter the text in a table okay the standard free weeks is lax okay sometime we use this table, so label is the firm only want to display some things that also you use their tasted in the label control properties waterslides they are okay you little fast already you know but yeah I want to refresh everything form for color back color for color mister takes color back colors a background color set these properties using the color a left you can select them a name define the name of the control instant must be a unique okay already we cannot create any object in duplicate here that’s a unique name remember to use the free weeks lax because easy to use we are using aka we are using the c shop for the database programming also they are then that also you can use for there’s a naming convention ok naming convention I said three weeks ago today because we use them a lot of object same type of object is to identify text appear in the visible region of the control instant text text-align.

You can align put that say if you want to display some number or money or they had total something then you can align right side if you want a display in their name something website that’s a thing that takes politics if you display that output as it takes character visible determine whether convolution is visible or not you can set them for simple well you are 204 visible is true or false it is true is visible otherwise form okay the tone is the typical use the toolbox here this a toolbox then you can take the label to create the control instant enroll here I say you can use the mouse and you can let okay first click the control instantly to activate to the resize the handle and you can use any size of object okay if you want to some address or something you need for the multi-line there for you in the height okay this is the height this is the width you don’t need for the height is high sighs if you here you can see is only one line.

It’s a first name they permanently want to display something then you can use a label you can resize you enable or ok delete control instant you can select the particular control instance and press the Delete key now we come for the button okay any action molded tags if you click the mouse, okay these talks is executed then we used for the button create the button that you use and click some even want to execute something like you you use for the button the standard free weeks the BTN okay already this here this is the calculator we have got a buttons then we can use their sir PG n on BTN – BTN 3 ok we can see or cancel region cancer with an equal BT an ant begins – sub okay subtract we can multiply BTN divide obedient remove or raise your to click here is a say okay right, right okay this is an opening something like you can use like this immediate then easy to identify otherwise the button one button to button three buttons for every time you want to check this is what is the button image.

For example, is about antenna length but do you know what is a button is fulfilling but what is the tax is going to do we don’t know therefore if you use that button multiply okay if you click this button we had to write the code and okay multiplying two numbers any two numbers multiplied that’s like we use that’s the BTN is it identified okay button control instant fire click given when click by the user click by the user okay more event also there we can use later okay mouse over mostly your top you and Madhya then we can study later or that divides the okay positional property are the same as a label control thanks to color background everything is the I in the same as button property in herbal okay some places I want to enable someone obtainable you can see here okay you can see here you say Sam but now enable someone is herbal okay this is the binary operation is an object as a decimal is a key if you click there binary yeah.

Now you can see only one and zero is enabled plus-minus are the other buttons here but to the number others are disabled then you can use that Rosa in MLM deserve extra maybe because we need that button in your program also you can think about octave 0 to 7 okay now the user also by you other button side disabled like okay something actually you can click this one if you enable is there something the user awesome actually click this, therefore, the arrow is coming they have voted programmer limited that okay go in the data there who is here used the only seven but 8:02, so Nate button enable other numbers are deserved then Dexter extradition let me need for the other additionally BCD octave 6002 15 number we use this is the 10 11 12 13 14 15 sorry up to here an is the 10 11 12 13 14 15 okay this is the way we want to think about your programmers because we avoided we should provide visually you display something, therefore, you want to consider something okay.

This is some example I so but in your profit you develop some program on to think about that also in your point of that view this is a help later view me think about them okay then about it Wendy is true or false in my will so or later whereas that is property say nebulous did plus time okay visual style well it okay edit value’ plan for pop standard or system something like he means someday you want to put the image for button for example here some buttons I image now some places are only mages also the upper tooltips comes okay not here some places only mages are there here this is a maze text box this is also button okay we will study tooltip later also rectangle this is the image is the effect I’d give me a line text box however sorry text properties that also.

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