How an IP address is created? Computer Network.

There are eight bits that we can sample and create the IP addresses just excuse me guys so now you can see that so you can see that that you are having this is the first IP so we can build up one-two-three until up to the two five six that means two five-six is that is we will end it with the two double five one nine two one six eight one dot two double five, so that contains the 256 IP addresses now if you look at here any network once you create any type of network keep in mind that keep in mind that it’ll always reserve the first type address of the subnet as a network address, so that is the theory so we cannot assign the first IP to any machines so the first IP address of to submit reserved for the net as actually on the further reserved as a network address so which network address whenever you want to actually that is uh we don’t have many purposes on it.

Whenever you want to describe your network here you can see 192 168 248.0628 that is the x-axis the first type, yet that will be describing your network class 24 that is the first type again that is described your network describing your network then again that is the first type you address that is again then again that is described your network so likewise, you will be seeing that it is describing your network you will be seen that it is describing your network, sew the first type address always assigned reserved as a network address which is describing your network are you, clear guys, yes yes sir what about the rest, so others please I need your confirmation guys are you clear yes sir yes right the second night last then the always in the last IP address of the subject is always reserved for the oldest reserved as what as the broadcast address that is called broadcast address.

So keep in mind that so the last IP address of the subnet is always reserved for the bro as a broadcast address that means whenever the the meaning of the broadcast address whenever you want to talk to them whole machines in one see right right now I am delivering a lectures through the zoom sessions where I will be contacting you the whole uh of your batch mates with one platforms so it’s a broadcasting now now I am actually broadcasting to uh, uh the the computer network subjects to the whole of you where it sits there are three different uh disciplinary people like multimedia software in the game network and again the uh I think only three three three badges right three disciplinarian is it are there any people who are coming from the bachelor of education degree okay no sir so I’m just delivering to the three disciplinary people so it’s a broadcast so when i’m whenever i’m going to delivering the lectures for the Linux system administration that I am focusing only for the network people.

It’s a multicasting a set of a specific group that I’m delivering matches rather than distributing the whole batch, so this is right now I am delivering a sort of broadcast messages, so that is exactly whenever there are required certain requirements in the network course so the devices which require to send the messages to the whole set rather than sending to one by one, so those are we called as a broadcast message whenever they want to address the whole network in one shot we have we should have an IPA address to access it so always keep in mind in every subnet the last IP address is reserved for the broadcast in this case is a broadcast address one nine two one six eight two four eight dot 15 is a broadcast address in this domain is the broadcast address in this domain so the keep in mind that whenever you are going to design a network we should have always two reserved IPs two reserved IPs.

Where it is not admissible or it is not allowed to assign this IPs to the pcs are you, clear guys, yes do you have any issues or concern do you have any issues or concerns right great right so, so now we have learned these things let some do some practices again and again so where we will be learning so many things here I will be giving you sort of let’s say for example if I want to just think about this is the questions that I want to ask if I want to have 16 host ip addresses ip addresses just tell me what is the subnet that we require what is the subnet that we required I don’t want to use any other things just tell me the subnet I require the 16 host IP address i need to assign the 16 IP addresses to the host just tell me what is the subnet that I require the second question if I want to have fifth like say for example, uh 31 hos IP addresses what is to submit that that be required then again if I want to have 60 costs IP addresses.

What is the subnet that we required okay guys I need the answers for these three things I need the answers for these three things, so someone is having issues to connect to the I guess this is uh who’s this guys can you just uh, uh I’ll message you okay just give me the answers for this thing while I’m messaging to him sir I have a simple question yeah so second one when we are considering 30 on 31 IP addresses okay so when we are calculating we can take 31 but I heard that uh when creating IPA addresses should be in binary format that means we can’t take 31 we we should have take 33 32 yeah that is that’s we have already discussed this one that is correct so that we have already gone through it as well so you can take the this type of odd number so what you can take is if it is 31 host what is you have to look at is the nearly rounded up value for the two to the power values, so nearly higher value like say for example for if you are going to choose 31 so you have to think about the two IP addresses.

Because 2 to the power values that are wind up nearly here is the 32 2 4 like 2 to the power value if you look at 2 to the power 0 1 2 to the power 1 2 2 to the power 2 4 2 to the power 3 8 then 16 32 64 128 so likewise you must look at that once is it clear guys yes sir here to that is exactly what we have discussed in the last couple of weeks so we can’t take that type of values like the 31 can’t take exactly because the binaries do not have the 31 so of course, you must think about in the roundup values which is nearly two to the power values nearly and high values so we are going to have tomorrow lecture also tomorrow we do have another final assignment for this submitting definitely tomorrow we have an assignment so don’t miss the classes on tomorrow that I’m keeping uh inform you on beforehand so tomorrow we are going to have the assignment so are you done guys so just uh give me the answers so just give me the answers so soph 19 b1 c01.

So can you tell me the answers sof19b lucky video guys I need your answers guys I need to answer are you in or not because i don’t get any response from that person sof19b101 who is that person i need the answers that you have gone through so please check the chat list hey we put down the amazon chat list okay foreign just give me second guys because I’m trying to figure out where I’ll chat in these okay right okay i get the answer okay that is so okay guys so let me see what place the actual answers okay so if it is required 16 hosts that are just kept in mind this is related the last thing that we have discussed right now just before this uh this particular three questions if it is required a 16 host ip addresses?

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